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Sulsted Føl og Plage 2023


Lille Rosendals I'm Gorgeous 
2 of 5 
8-8-8-8-8= 40
Type: Robust mare of good type, nice head.
Body: Good depth and 
needs more muscle in back thigh,
good shoulder, well set neck.

Limbs: Adequate with good hoof.
Walk: Good and tracks up but walks a little on outside on back hoof.
Trot: Good and energetic .


Lille Rosendals I'm George
2 of 5 
8-8-8-8-8= 40
Type: Upright colt foal of good type, open eye, masculine.
Body: Good depth and breadth, 
good shoulder, 

low set neck.
Limbs: Correct but more joint marking needed.
Walk: Good and tracks up well, straight.
Trot: Light and earth covering .

Well shown.

We would first like to thank Susanne and Laura Dahl Kjærgaard for the amazing job they did with the ponies and Fam Dahl as always for the most fantastic company.

We would also like to thank the show committee for the wonderful show and to the following for the beautiful rosettes and prizes the ponies received,
Avlsforeningen for Shetlandsponyer
Stutteri Bådsgard
Stutteri Køldso


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