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Sulsted føl og plageskue 2022


Riccalton DK's Hello Pearl 
3 years filly

Nr. 1 of 3 

TYPE: Very good type, race typical head, well set on neck.

BODY: Good shoulder, adequate depth and breadth.

LIMBS: Adequate fore limbs with good hooves.

WALK: Good and active in walk with good tracking up 
but walks a
little on the outer side of back hoof.

TROT: Very good and earth covering in trot. 


Riccalton DK's Hej Laura
filly foal

Nr. 7 of 14

TYPE: Filly of good type, pretty head.
BODY: Well set on neck, good depth and breadth.
LIMBS: Adequate lim
bs, little upright front hooves.
WALK: Good and active in walk.

TROT: Light and earth covering in trot.


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