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Påske Show 2024

Lille Rosendals I'm George
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9-9-8-7-7= 40

 Type: Very good type.

Body: Little low set neck. Very good framework.

Limbs: Good limbs. Good hooves.

Walk: Good, but not calm enough on the day.

Trot: Good, but not calm enough on the day.


Lille Rosendals Ditte
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8-8-8-5-8= 37

 Type: Good type, good hair.

Body: Well filled frame.

Limbs: Adequate limbs.

Walk: Very, very tense.

Trot: Light and free with good energy.


Sadly we didn't manage to get any photographs of the ponies !

We want to thank Susanne and Laura for doing an amazing job showing them when they hadn't had any training before the show !!

We would like to thank Avlsforengingen for Shetlandsponyer
for their rosettes. 

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