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News 2022

Our early Christmas present was collected today
and we are very 
excited and happy to bring home Donna af Jäboruder to our stud.
Many thanks to 
Anita Bak Kristensen for allowing us to purchase her.


Last weekend turned out to be quite busy, we had the annual stallion assessment
(full results to come soon)
Visitors arrived  from Sweden which was wonderful, so lots and lots of 
pony talk
and when they left on Sunday their horse box was full!
Lille Rosendals Dominique and her colt foal Lille Rosendals Dougal have moved to Sweden !!


We are so happy to report that Lille Rosendals Henri has found a new home in Sweden  with Cathrine Rustan and family,
we really look forward to following his new adventures 



On Sunday 4th we got the news that the wonderful Lille Rosendals Charlie
had moved to his new home in Sweden with Eva Andersson,
we look forward to following their new adventures.




On Saturday 3rd we drove to Sulsted with Pearl and Hej Laura.

We had not trained the foals so made the decision to take Hej Laura and her dam Helene

and leave Dougal at home.

We had a wonderful day in the company of family Dahl and lots of other like minded folk.
Laura showed Pearl and she did a fantastic job. Pearl was placed first in her class of three
and received a ticket to the final where she came in a respectable fourth!

After lunch it was Lauras turn to show Hej Laura and they came in a very respectable seventh of fourteen in a strong class of filly foals and received a ticket to the final.
 Laura and I then had the fun of going in the final where we lost count of our placing
but we had lots of fun and were very happy with the outcome.

We would like to thank the organisers for a fantastic show,
Avlsforeningen for Shetlandsponyer for the rosettes,
Stutter Heden and Mollerup Mølle for the girls prizes. 

Our biggest thanks again to Susanne and Laura for showing our ponies
and spending the long day with us!



This weekend three of our boys set off on their next adventure,
Geldings Lille Rosendals, Charlie and Henri and O'Connor Brøis have sailed to Sweden
and we look forward to hearing from them in the next few weeks.    



On the 16. July Ivan took Riccalton DK's Helene and her foal Riccalton DK's Hej Laura to the mares 
assessment, they were in the first hold for five years and older mares and were shown for us by Ditte and Charlotte, the results were not quite what we hoped for but Helene behaved very well and was placed nr. 5 of 12 with 39 points.
Everyone then waited for the end of the day and Ditte and Emilia took Laura in the foal competition, all foals entered the ring and each had to walk out and trot back to the judges, Laura behaved very well and was given the title Best Foal 2022.

We would like to give a big thank you to Avlsforeningen for Shetlandsponyer
for the rosettes the girls received

To the Transy Stud for the beautiful "Quaich" awarded to Laura for Best Foal
and to Stald Koglen for the beautiful ærespræmie received by Laura.

Our greatest thanks have to go to Ditte Andersen, Charlotte Brix and Emilia Maecker Jensen 
for showing our two girls for us at such short notice and for doing such a brilliant job.  

Below are just a few photos from the day. 




Our beautiful girl
Riccalton Larkspur
has been awarded Elite status,
We are so proud of her and all of her offspring 
and we know that Connie would have been also.



Today we have had the mares checked and are happy to report, 
we have five foals due this spring!
Now we start the great debate... Which mares go to which stallion in May !! 

Yesterday afternoon saw the arrival at Lille Rosendal of one of our first foals born here,
Lille Rosendals Charlie, now 14 we look forward to working with this guy this summer, 
Lille Rosendal Charlie.

We would like to wish you all
A Very Happy New Year !

We look forward for the months to come, when foaling starts and hopefully so do the shows, 

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