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Max 24 points. Nr.1 af 1

TYPE: Særdeles god type, god behåring.
Kønt maskulin hoved.

BYGNING: Veludfyldte rammer i god harmoni 

LEMMER: Særdeles godt lemmer med god ledmærkring. 
 God og energisk.

Bruger sig selv godt.
TRAV: Let og jordvinde. 

UDVISER: ex rigtig godt temperament .

Hamras Lazio
SH 832
Oldies But Goodies Champion

Best in Show for Old Ones 

Max 24 points. Nr.1 of 1

TYPE: Very good type, good hair.
Nice masculine head.
BODY: Well filled body in good

LIMBS: Very good limbs with
good joints
WALK: Good and energetic, uses his whole body.
TROT: Light and earth covering. 

COMMENT: ex really good temperament .


Riccalton DK's Hello Pearl 


Young and Fun, Best in Show Reserve

1 af 3
9-8-8-8-9=42 points

TYPE: Særdeles god type
feminin præg med kønt hoved.
BYGNING: Gode harmonisk rammer
dog lidt langt midslykke. 

LEMMER: Gode lemmer.
SKRIDT: God takfast skridt.
TRAV: Særdeles god trav,
god haseaktion.


1 of 3
9-8-8-8-9=42 points

TYPE: Very good type feminine look
with a pretty head.

BODY: Good harmonic body but a
little long
LIMBS: Good limbs.
WALK: Good walk, tracks up well.
TROT: Very good trot,
good hock action.


Last show of the year and we chose to take Hamras Lazio and Riccalton DK's Pearl 
Lazio was first in the mønstring ring with Laura and she then proceeded to take him in his class (four years and older licensed stallions) The two of them shone and he received a fantastic description and max 24 points and a ticket to the final. 
Lazio was up against some very good breeding mares but Laura showed him beautifully and the two became champion for the oldies and then when against the Veteran champion he again showed his true self and was awarded overall champion.
After lunch is was the youngstock and we had entered Pearl in the 2 year class, once again she had issues with standing still but Susanne showed her to her best and she was awarded first place and a ticket to the youngstock final, here she showed her fantastic walk and trot and was awarded Reserve Best in Show which brought our day to a close on an amazing high.

We would first like to thank Susanne and Laura Dahl Kjærgaard for the amazing job they did with the ponies and for as always the most fantastic company.

We would also like to thank the show committee for the wonderful show and to the following for the beautiful rosettes, sashes and prizes the ponies received,
Avlsforeningen for Shetlandsponyer

Falck Fredericia
Danish Agro 
Pet DK 
Stutteri Dalbo
Stutteri Bellis 
Stutteri Vestergaarden 
Stutteri Grisbæk 


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