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Fynboskuet 2023


Riccalton DK's Lady Josephine 

Nr. 3 of 8 
8-8-8-8-8= 40 

Reserve Best in Show

Good type
Good hair and awake eye
Good topline and well shaped 
Adequate limbs with good joint markings
Slightly narrow hoof 
Good all balanced walk with good length of stride
Good and energetic trot with good length of stride


Riccalton DK's Lady Jeanette

Nr 4 of 8

of good type
Good hair with friendly eye
Well set and good length of neck 

Adequate depth and width of body
Adequate bones with good hooves 
Good and active walk
but walks a little on outside of hoof 
Good and earth covering trot 


Huge thank you to Laura and Signe Dahl Kjærgaard for training and showing the girls today. 
Also thanks to Avlsforengingen for Shetlands ponyer,
Stutteri Dalen, Danish Agro, Land and Fritid and Krafft for the beautiful rosettes and prizes Jeanie and Josie won. 

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