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Forårsshow i Midtjylland 2023


Lille Rosendals Miss Molly 
Yearling filly 

Nr. 1 of 9 

Reserve Best in Show

TYPE: Upstanding young filly of good type,
good expression.
BODY: Good depth and breadth, strong back part, under neck, well set neck.
LIMBS: Adequate 
WALK: Straight. Good and rhythmic.
TROT: Easy and earth covering.



Riccalton DK's Hello Pearl
Four years mare

Nr. 1 of 2


TYPE: Big framed mare of good type, good expression, pretty head.

BODY: Strong back part, good depth and breadth, heavy neck.

LIMBS: Adequate 

WALK: Good energetic, but not relaxed.

TROT: Easy and earth covering.

Many thanks for a fantastic day to the show committee.

Superb results from our two girls !

Huge thank yous to Susanne and Laura Dahl for showing our girls and taking them both all the way to the finals !!

Big thanks to the following for the beautiful rosettes and prizes
the girls received.

Avlsforengingen for Shetlandsponyer
Stutteri Trinhedegaard
FS Horseboxes
Lille Rosendals and Riccalton DK
Stutteri Engholm
Land og Fritid
Gulerodskongen, Randers


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