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Forårsshow 2024

Lille Rosendals I'm George
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8-8-8-6-9= 39

 Type: Good type, good upright neck.

Body: Well set neck. good shoulder,
good harmony.

Limbs: Good limbs. good joints,
little long cannon bone.

Walk: Tense with moments of good .

Trot: Very good, with good push.


Sadly we didn't manage any photographs today !!

A huge thank you to Susanne and Laura for showing George today, a busy day helping to run the show made so much easier with all their help !
Many thanks also to Avlsforengingen for Shetlandsponyer and  
Dyrlægerne Nørhald for the rosettes George received and to Stutteri Refstrup for the beautiful prize he won in the prize competition. 

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